If you’ve been trying to clear out clutter in your garage, need extra space for business files or are between homes, renting from a storage facility is an excellent solution. With a variety of storage options and unit sizes, our highly reviewed facility provides the perfect amount of space to store your belongings. Along with outdoor storage for RVs, trailers and other automotive needs, we provide both drive-up units and climate contolled storage units in a range of sizes. Our secure facility located in Arden near lake Julian is equiped with lighting, 24 hour surveilance and computerized access.

When it comes to customer service, our friendly team at Arden Mini Storage is the best of the best. We pride ourselves in offering a signup process free from any hassles, hidden fees or deposits. When you’re in the process of getting a storage unit, figuring out the best size for your needs is often the hardest part. We take the time to figure out each of our clients’ individual needs so that our resident managers can offer the right size, shape and location. We proudly serve the Asheville and Arden areas and make sure that each of our units is well maintained, clean and ready for you to make your own.

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Arden Mini Storage provides Asheville and surrounding areas exceptional storage at a convenient location for fair prices. From our climate controlled units to our largest storage options, we have the solution to your personal and business storage needs for both short term and long term storage. It’s no wonder why we’re always the first choice for storage in the Arden area. Whether you need to store an entire household or have been looking for an office storage unit to clear out your supply room, we’re sure to have the perfect space for Your Needs.


Our self storage facility is fully fenced and well lighted while an automated gate allows convenient access. The grounds are covered by a 24 hour closed circuit surveilance system. Our sturdy storage units are secured by your own lock of choice. Locks are also available to purchase at a modest price. We also offer insurance for added assurance.

Storage Units

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Getting a 5×5 storage unit is like getting that extra closet that you’ve always wanted but never had. It’s just the right amount of space to tuck away those extra things that you don’t use very often, yet still need to keep around.


Our 5×10 storage units are one of our most frequently requested sizes for longer term storage as it provides the perfect amount of square footage for storing items you might still need to access, while giving you a little extra space to move around and get inside. Also available in climate controlled.


If you need extra space to access regularly, this size offers convenience with its easy accessibility and its overall shape. This type is square and very comparable to a shed, making it ideal for a variety of uses.


At 150 square feet of space, our 10-by-15 units are perfect for holding a variety of items. Even though they may only look like the size of a larger bedroom, you’ll be surprised at just how much they can hold. Our clients have found that this size is ideal for the contents of a 20’ moving truck, up to 300 filing boxes, or furniture, belongings and appliances from a small home​.


The size of a standard single-car garage, our 10×20 storage unit offers 200 square feet of clean, maintained space. It’s perfect for storing the entire contents of a 24’ moving truck, a large apartment, two or three office suites or a smaller home.


With 250 square feet of storage, these units are ideal for storing large items including construction materials, tools, outdoor equipment, appliances and furniture.


If you’re looking for a big space, our 10X30 storage unit offers enough space for storing the contents of a sizeable home.

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