Packing & Storage Tips

Helpful Storage Tips to Optimize your Space

  • Utilize the Front: Keep items that you use frequently near the front of your unit for easy access.
  • Diagram: Draw a simple diagram of where you have placed your items.
  • Protect: Use specially designed covers when available for furniture, mattresses, etc.
  • Stack Up: Utilize all of your space by stacking high towards the ceiling – heavy on the bottom, lighter on top.
  • Reach Safely: Use and keep a stool in your unit to reach the higher stacked items.
  • Appliance Storage: Leave doors open a crack to ventilate and use the inside space to store smaller items – Think multi-taskers.
  • Ventilation: Leave some air space between the walls and your stored items.
  • Trash your Tools: Store garden tools (rakes, hoes, hoses, etc) in empty trash cans. Stack cans inside each other.
  • Drain it: Drain any oil or gas containing tool (think lawnmower, generator) before storing to prevent odors.
  • Just in Case: Have an extra Emergency Preparedness Kit in case your home is inaccessible.

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